• Would have been better if I could see your code for Custom Post Type.
    Simply hover to this page and check various parameters for CPTs. https://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/register_post_type

    Now, Copy and paste the following function (numeric_pagination) to your theme’s functions.php file and update it.
    <!———– function…[Read more]

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  • I have a small service company and have put together a wp site which is working but not good enough, I was never able to fully complete everything and I need better conversions. I am looking to hire someone to help me finish the site and/or advise me if I should continue with my design/layout or start over with an off the shelf theme. I do not…[Read more]

  • hi WP community!
    i’m learning custom post types (w/out plugins) and having trouble being able to click through a series of custom posts / pagination / older posts / newer posts, etc.
    i’m using the _s theme, doing tutorials from a sitepoint book.
    thought it might be my loop structure, since i read that pagination can be an issue with some queries,…[Read more]

  • Please send your resume, along with a cover letter describing your interest in and qualifications for this position, to prog0414@mla.org.

    WordPress/BuddyPress developer (full-time)

    The MLA is excited to announce a new developer position dedicated to its WordPress-based scholarly communication platform, MLA Commons. This fast-growing site allows…[Read more]

  • If baidu is coming from all over it’s not baidu, they’re spam bots – harvesters spoofing baidu.

    Baidu used to run on – – not sure if those IPs are still valid.

    1. Try this on top of htacess, before WP rewrite:

    RewriteEngine on
    RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^http://www.yoursite.net/.*$ [NC]
    RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER}…[Read more]

  • Steve – I saw you twitter message…..My client is paranoid about submitting to the semalt crawler….?

  • Hi DK – Thank You for responding. They always come from different IP’s and there isn’t a range.

    I did not disallow them in the robots.txt. I have never done this, but (I guess) I need to create the robots.txt file and upload it to the host. If this is correct, do I up-load it to the public_html….?

    Do you think the below code would…[Read more]

  • You also received a reply from Twitter >

  • Hi Vincent,

    I assume you disallowed them in robots.txt.

    Semalt’s removal page, http://semalt.com/project_crawler.php

    Most effective is to check the sites’ server logs and get the IP addresses semalt & baidu are using.

    1. Block those IPs in htaccess:

    order allow,deny
    deny from 222.333.44.555 [replace with actual IPs]
    deny from…[Read more]

  • Hello WPNYC – I have a client that has these 2 sites (semalt.com & baidu.com) crawling their site several times a day. I have added code that I found online to the htacess file however they continue hit the site.

    Has anyone had this problem…?

    Below is my htacess…[Read more]

  • Hello Luke,
    My name is Mahmud and I like to work with you for this project. I am a professional wordpress developer and I like to help you to migrate the current site into wordpress.

    I am available at my email wpplguinexpert@gmail.com or skype: wppluginexpert. So just add me at skye so that we can talk together.


  • Hello friends,

    The Center for Economic and Social Rights – a New York-based human rights think tank – is seeking a Wordpress developer-maestro to help us migrate our site from ‘AMP’ (yuk!) to Wordpress and make some much-needed changes… The current site can be accessed at http://www.cesr.org. This is a subtantial, though not enormous project, and will…[Read more]

  • A marketing network group is looking for an independent web developer to join our group. MUST be a sole proprietor or run a small business and is interested in teaming up on jobs and going after work together. It’s mandatory that you attend our monthly meeting in Midtown Manhattan.

    This is the group’s mission statement:
    The NYC Marketing…[Read more]

  • Dominic Giglio started the topic CUNY Commons – UX in the forum Group logo of Job BoardJob Board 1 month ago

    User Experience Specialist (Part-Time)

    The CUNY Academic Commons, an academic social network connecting the 24 campuses of the City University of New York, seeks a UX Specialist to join our community team. This part-time, 5-7 hour per week position will focus on both UX Design and UX Research of user interfaces for our website. The ideal…[Read more]

  • Site Analytics and Metrics Specialist¬†(Part-Time)

    The CUNY Academic Commons, an academic social network connecting the 24 campuses of the City University of New York, seeks a Metrics and Analytics Specialist to join our community team. This part-time, 5-7 hour per week position will focus on the development of digital analytics capabilities,…[Read more]

  • oops, that was section in header.php file

  • hello interested wp readers and helpers!

    i have been experimenting with blank themes and wonder what the community likes to use to kick off their (non-themed, custom-styled) projects.

    i’m generally […]

  • Hello Marie,
    I like to discuss with you about your project. I am a wordpress expert. I work with both theme and plugin. Please take a look at this link http://wordpress.org/plugins/w2pe-beaverslider/ my latest […]